Ugoccie drops her “Voice of the East” EP

Ugoccie has swiftly unveiled her sophomore EP, aptly titled “Voice of the East” (VOTE).

The new release comes after her debut EP “Piece Of Me” which provides a fascinating look into the thrilling and wide-ranging future of her career and exceptional talent

Ugoccie, emerging as a force in the Nigerian music industry and gaining recognition and captivating the culturally appealing soundscape scored a great point from the choice of the title, “Voice of the East” (VOTE) EP, as a deliberate nod to her self-ascribed identity to unleash the power of the East through the EP. 

This EP, just like her debut, demonstrates her artistic prowess and once again exhibits her distinctive musical identity that projects and extols praises of the richness of African culture, particularly the eastern part of Nigeria.

The VOTE EP is an impressive collection of five tracks, each crafted precisely. Ugoccie continues to impress her audience with her unique sound and compelling lyrics. The EP also features noteworthy guest appearances from Onitsha-born siblings Umu Obiligbo adding an extra layer of brilliance to the project with the kind of production provided by Endeetones (Beatlord)

Tracks Synopsis


ISIMGBAKA in Igbo means madness or someone who is not mentally okay. The song Isimgbaka starts off the VOICE OF THE EAST EP with a story of betrayal and how life always comes back at people who want to hurt others who have been nothing but good to them. It tells the story of a hustler who kept sending money home to her family but never got value for all the money she sent. 

The moral of isimgbaka is never to hurt someone who has done you good. Only a mad person would do that

ỤWA feat. Umuobiligbo

The chorus of Ụwa is born from an ancient Igbo folklore that depicts that we are all beautiful in our way and that no one should take the world’s opinions seriously as people will always have something to say. 

Ugochi and Umuobiligbo came together to create a masterpiece that would leave every listener glued from start to finish. 

Ụwa means “world” in Igbo and the title is honed from the fact that the world will never be satisfied with whatever you do. Do you at the end of the day


Ọgọ in Igbo means “kindness” or “charity” depending on the context and in this track, ugochi details how we live in a world where people have no conscience and would most likely repay an act of kindness with insubordination or wickedness.

A popular Igbo adage says “ọgọ m, egbuna m” which translates to “may my kindness not kill me”.

This is basically all Ugochi says in the song.

That our kind deeds will not be the end of us.

A masterpiece 


Ezi Enyi in Igbo means (good friend)

In this story, Ugochi tells the story of how her friend tried to take a man that she loves from her which is very typical in the world that we live in. Every melody resonates with the listener for this particular one.


In Igbo land when things are good, we say “Ife Nile mara nma”. Which means that Things are going smoothly in essence. To crown this beautiful storytelling in her VOICE OF THE EAST EP, Ugoccie fuses amampiano with the Igbo flute to conjure this dance hall vibe that would still leave you rooted in the culture but swaying your hips in endless bliss. Maranma is the jam that takes you to the club after a long day of stress

Note: all the songs in Voice of the East ep have Igbo titles. Ugochi came all out for the culture in the most beautiful way possible

The VOTE EP is an intentional storytelling EP that brings a new spice to the kind of music Ugoccie makes. INTENTIONAL 

STORY-TELLING MELODIES. The EP is inspired by life events and stories that have happened in real-time.


“There’s no truer art than believing in yourself and bringing your seat to a table where the seats are all taken”

“Stay true to your art, no one understands it better than you”

Check out the VOTE EP here

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