‘I’m Safe’:Ruger Allays Fears over his Safety as War Breaks out between Isreal and Palestine Shortly After his Tel Aviv Performance 

Ruger has assured concerned fans that he is safe after managing to get out of Israel just before renewed hostilities began with Palestine.

Worried fans had taken to X (formerly known as Twitter) to express concern over the 24-year-old’s safety after clips of his performance went viral shortly after war broke out between Israel and Palestine.

But the “Asiwaju” singer confirmed that he and his team had managed to leave Tel Aviv safely.

He, however, called for an end to the violence declared his support for Israel.

“Israel is at war now and it’s very sad. It started as soon as me and my team took off from Tel Aviv to head back home,” he tweeted.

“So guys !!! I really appreciate your concern 🙏🏾 I’m safe. But please we need peace in the world right now!!! We don’t want innocent people dying 🙏🏾 we just want to LIVE AND LOVE ❤️ #prayforisrael 🇮🇱”

Ruger sparked criticism on social media for implying that Nigerians do not support his music as much as foreign fans and thanked the Israelis for their love.


He wrote: “Being shown love all the way in ISREAL is RARE and I’m really grateful for it 🙏🏾. I’ve received more love, respect and recognition outside my country and I’ve made peace with that.”

“ I’m so happy to be back on the road doing what i love, seeing the people that love me and giving them back my love and dedication. I pray God continues to give me the strength and success to keep making dem nay sayers mad 😂. THANK YOU ISREAL 🇮🇱🙏🏾”

Apart from performing to screaming fans in packed venues, the star also found time to visit some Biblical sites including Old Jerusalem and the tomb of Jesus while in Israel.


This comes as Israel launched multiple air raids on the Gaza strip in response to attacks from the Islamic militant group, Hamas

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